Sentence Examples

  • Japan appears to have been formerly inhabited by the Ainus, who have traditions of an older but unknown population, but was invaded in prehistoric times by a race akin to the Koreans, which was possibly mingled with Malay elements after occupying the southern part of the islands.
  • On the left of the Amur there are some 60,000 Chinese and Manchurians about the mouth of the Zeya, and 26,000 Koreans on the Pacific coast.
  • Usuri district were Koreans and Chinese, and in the Amur province there were nearly 15,000 Manchus and Koreans.
  • 103/4 in., whereas in the case of the Koreans and the northern Chinese the corresponding figures for males are 5 ft.
  • Yet in other physical characteristics the Japanese, the Koreans and the Chinese resemble each other so closely that, under similar conditions as to costume and coiffure, no appreciable difference is apparent.