Sentence Examples

  • Korean agriculture suffers from infamous roads, the want of the exchange of seed, and the insecurity of the gains of labour.
  • By both learned and popular belief in Korea Ki-tze is recognized as the founder of Korean social order, and is greatly reverenced.
  • Small in stature, with a well-knit frame, the cheekbones prominent, the face generally round, the nose and neck short, a marked tendency to prognathism, the chest broad and well developed, the trunk long, the hands small and delicate this Malay type is found in nearly all the islands along the east coast of the Asiatic continent as well as in southern China and in the extreme south-west of Korean peninsula.
  • These eXist in the Korean language also, but not in any other tongue.
  • The real beginnings of the study of painting and sculpture in their higher branches must be dated from the introduction of Buddhism from China in the middle of the 6th century, and for three centuries after this event there is evidence that the practice of the arts was carried on mainly by or under the instruction of Korean and Chinese immigrants.