Sentence Examples

  • Other first-class timbers are koko (Albizzia lebbek), white chuglam (Terminalia bialata), black chuglam (Myristica irya), marble or zebra wood (Diospyros kurzii) and satin-wood (Murraya exotica), which differs from the satinwood of Ceylon (Chloroxylon swietenia).
  • Longitude, which culminates in the Altyn Tagh, and extends eastwards in a continuous water-divide to the Nan Shan mountains, north of the Koko Nor basin.
  • The first evidence of its potentialities was furnisho by the KOko .Shimbun (The Worki) under the editorship of Fukucli Genichiro and Sasano Dempei.
  • To many Japanese observers i seemed that the restoration of 1867 had merely transferred the ad ministrative authority from the Tokugawa Shogun to the clans c Satsuma and ChOshC. The KOko Shimbun severely attacked th two clans as specious usurpers.
  • The KOko Shimbun was suppressed; Fukuchi was thrust into prison, arid all journals or periodicals except those having official sanction were vetoed.