Sentence Examples

  • Gaiam's kimono, while not as long as a traditional kimono, measuring 55 inches from shoulder to hem, is still beautiful enough to hang on the wall for display, but why would you want to do that?
  • If you love the look of Caribbean Joe, but are not fond of the Kimono Print Halterkini featured at Macy's, then turn your attention to the Twins R In Caribbean Joe style available at Dillard's.
  • Purchasing a wedding kimono can be expensive, but worth it if you want to display the kimono in your home after the wedding or want to have an heirloom for future children.
  • Junihitoe, which means "twelve-layered robe," is an incredibly expensive and complex layered kimono costume reserved for extremely important events, such as a wedding.
  • You can choose a shawl-like collar, which snuggles close to your neck for additional warmth and comfort, or a kimono style, which basically has no collar and makes the garment look more like a V-neck in the front.