Sentence Examples

  • Sophie is a blonde who wears a plaid kilt and a denim jacket.
  • At Skinzwear, they specialize in the super-exotic, such as a teardrop pouch Spartan thong or even the more daring string Kilt thong.
  • They have a kind of short kilt, stiff, made of black wool, with a band from back to front between the legs; under this they wear short linen trousers, which come a little below the knee, and black woollen leggings with boots.
  • The kilt seems to have been commonly worn, especially by soldiers, whose legs were usually bare, but we also hear of tight-fitting trousers extending below the ankles.
  • With boots are worn shaiwars, or baggy riding breeches, very loose, and tied by a string at the ankle; a sort of kilt is worn by couriers.