Sentence Examples

  • M., 2 2, 500 of which are in the province of Hu-nan and 12,500 in that of Kwei-chow; its navigation is dangerous, and only small boats are able to pass beyond Hang-kia, a mart about 180 m.
  • At the top, while those of the Chinese city, which were built by the emperor Kia-tsing in 1543, measure 30 ft.
  • Amravati has been identified with Hsiian Tsang's To-na-kie-tse-kia and with the Rahmi of Arab geographers.
  • LAI-YANG, a city in the Chinese province of Shan-tung, in 37° N., 120° 55' E., about the middle of the eastern peninsula, on the highway running south from Chi-fu to Kin-Kia or Tingtsu harbour.
  • To defend this line of communication the Great Wall was extended beyond Su-chow, and the Kia-yu gate, "the door of the empire," was built.