Sentence Examples

  • Was, therefore, naturally selected as one of the twelve arbitrators to draw up the ban of Kenilworth (1266), by which the disinherited rebels were allowed to make their peace.
  • CHARLES RICHARD SUMNER (1790-1874), English bishop, was born at Kenilworth on the 22nd of November 1790, and was educated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge.
  • In 1327 the bishop joined Queen Isabella's partisans; he drew up the six articles against Edward II., and was one of those who visited the captive king at Kenilworth to urge him to abdicate in favour of his son.
  • Sir Walter Scott handled the Wayland legend in Kenilworth; there are dramas on the subject by Borsch (Bonn, 1895), English version by A.
  • Appointed him chancellor of England, and he was one of the arbitrators who drew up the dictum de Kenilworth in 1266.