Sentence Examples

  • You can serve a Death Blow, or if you get creative with the B button and controller maneuvering, you can turn into the ECW and perform a few wrestling moves that can do just as much damage as the katana.
  • He is a high-ranking member of the Mad Gear gang in Metro City, first appearing in Final Fight, and is dressed in a samurai-like outfit complete with a pair of short katana blades.
  • Known as Katana in Japan, Sodom is a caucasian male obsessed with Japanese culture, though his knowledge of the language and other details is largely inaccurate and incomplete.
  • Its keypad may not as sleek and metallic as the Motorola RAZR, but you have to admit that the Sanyo Katana comes with one of the boldest looking paint jobs out there.
  • As you might guess, since Katana and Hiragana carry gender connotations, the style chosen is very important to the message you want to convey with your tattoo.