Sentence Examples

  • The latter range is separated from the Karakorum Mountains by the deeply trenched gorge of the Raskem or Yarkand-darya, while the deep glen of the Kara-kash or Khotan-darya intervenes between the upper (Sughet Mountains) and the lower (Kilian Mountains) border-ranges.
  • It comprises the valleys of the Tekez (middle and lower portion), Kunghez, the Ili as far as the Russian frontier and its tributary, the Kash, with the slopes of the mountains turned towards these rivers.
  • The valley of the Kash is about 160 m.
  • The Avral Mountains, which separate the Kash from the Kunghez, are lower, but rocky, naked and difficult of access.
  • The oasis contains two small towns, Kara-kash and Yurun-kash, and over 300 villages, its total population being about 150,000.