Sentence Examples

  • Among the rest of the designs, you'll find animals, flowers, and Japanese Kanji, but what you'll really be interested in are the cool Tribal-inspired designs featuring mythological creatures, celestial bodies, and tribal hearts.
  • A Japanese kanji symbol near her pelvic bone - apparently the original kanji was intended to mean "mysterious" but in yet another technical mishap, the tattoo artist confused this symbol with the kanji which means "strange."
  • Words such as "actor", "writer", "dancer", "artist", "musician" and other pastimes or professions translate well into kanji, with direct symbolic representation minimizing the risk of a botched meaning.
  • Celtic knots are not just worn by those who hail from Ireland or Scotland, in fact, they are popular all around the world - perhaps only second to the extremely popular kanji tattoos from Japan.
  • The obvious and most popular kanji ink is important to mention not just because of its popularity in today's Western culture but also because it is an enormous part of Japanese tattoos culture.