Sentence Examples

  • Hamilton's edition of Reid also contains an account of the university of Glasgow and a selection of Reid's letters, chiefly addressed to his Aberdeen friends the Skenes, to Lord Kames, and to Dr James Gregory.
  • He knew Kames, Hume and Adam Smith, and corresponded with Mirabeau, " the friend of Man."
  • All along Cape Cod; eskers, kames and river terraces afford the plainest evidences of the extent of the glacial sheet.
  • In 1748 he removed to Edinburgh, and there, under the patronage of Lord Kames, gave lectures on rhetoric and belles-lettres.
  • HENRY HOME KAMES, Lord (1696-1782), Scottish lawyer and philosopher, son of George Home of Kames, in Berwickshire, where he was born in 1696.