Sentence Examples

  • Robertson, The Kafirs of the Hindu Kush (London, 1896); Captain Stiffe, " Persian Gulf Trading Centres," vols.
  • It is known that the Kafirs occupy the crest of the Hindu Kush eastwards of the Khawak, but how far they extend north of the main watershed is not ascertainable.
  • As the Durani) claims to be of Turkish origin; the Hazaras, the Chahar-Aimak, Tajiks, Uzbegs, Kafirs and others are more or less subject races.
  • The Kafirs of the mountainous region of Kafiristan alone are non-Mahommedan.
  • We complain of the continual system of plunder which we have ever endured from the Kafirs and other colored classes, and particularly by the last invasion of the colony, which has desolated the frontier districts and ruined most of the inhabitants.