Sentence Examples

  • When not saving the world, Frank tries to make time with no-nonsense Russian scientist Dr. Olga Vucavich (Justina Vail), who keeps insisting she's not interested.
  • Justina was an Arian, and the imperial court at Milan pitted itself against the Catholics, under the famous Ambrose, bishop of that city.
  • On the death of Valentinian (17th of November 375) the troops in Pannonia proclaimed his infant son (by a second wife Justina) emperor under the title of Valentinian II.
  • Justina at Padua (1421), afterwards called the Cassinese, departed altogether from the old lines, setting up a highly centralized government, after the model of the Italian republics, whereby the autonomy of the monasteries was destroyed, and they were subjected to the authority of a central governing board.
  • About the same time he also founded and endowed a college at Pavia, which he dedicated to Justina, virgin and martyr.