Sentence Examples

  • Was never published); Lubeck unter Jurgen Wullenwever and die europdische Politik (3 vols.; Berlin, 1855-1856); and Grundziige der Politik (Kiel, 1862).
  • After a struggle, the Anabaptists obtained control of Mnster and for a short time governed the town in accordance with their own peculiar ideas, while at LUbeck, under the burgomaster Jurgen Wullenweber, a democratic government was also established.
  • The aristocratic government was again expelled under the dictatorship of Jurgen Wullenweber (c. 1492-1537), till the old order was re-established in 1535.
  • Still Lubeck, even when nearly isolated, strove to preserve its predominance in a war with Denmark (1501-12), supporting Gustavus Vasa in Sweden, lording it over the north of Europe during the years 1534 and 1535 in the person of Jurgen Wullenweber, the democratic burgomaster, who professed the most advanced principles of the Reformation, and engaging with Sweden in a severe naval war (1536-70).
  • Waitz, Lubeck unter Jurgen Wullenweber (Berlin, 1855-1856); Klug, Geschichte Lubecks wdhrend der Vereinigung mit dem franzosischen Kaiserreich (Lubeck, 1857); F.