Sentence Examples

  • Are reached in places, and in all the upper parts of this table-land there is fairly abundant vegetation, grass and herbage with low junipers, but with no pine trees.
  • Next come the junipers, sometimes attaining the size of trees (Juniperus excelsa, rufescens and, with fruit as large as plums, J.
  • (3) Into the alpine region (6200 to 10,400 ft.) penetrate a few very stunted oaks (Quercus subalpina), the junipers already mentioned and a barberry (Berberis cretica), which sometimes spreads into close thickets.
  • Cottonwoods flourish along the Little Missouri river, and in sheltered ravines grow stunted junipers and cedars, which seldom rise above the crest of some protecting bluff.
  • Pines of three species, junipers, larches, oaks, maples, willows and the Thuja Orientalis have been identified.