Sentence Examples

  • Jud Birza, nicknamed "Fabio" for his long blond hair, was a bit of an underdog throughout the season, but he managed to win over the jury and beat out Chase Rice and Sash Lenahan for the title.
  • The first, known also as the Second Confession of Basel, was drawn up at that city in 1536 by Bullinger and Leo Jud of Zurich, Megander of Bern,Oswald Myconius and Grynaeus of Basel, Bucer and Capito of Strassburg, with other representatives from Schaffhausen, St Gall, Muhlhausen and Biel.
  • Dalman, Jud.
  • 2., Gamaliel Ii., the son of Simon ben Gamaliel, one of Jerusalem's foremost men in the war against the Romans (vide Josephus, Bellum Jud.
  • The mother of Abimelech the son of Gideon was a Shechemite, and Shechem was the centre of his short-lived kingdom (Jud.