Sentence Examples

  • One of the greatest curiosities was a huge skeleton brought from Joppa, said to be that of the monster to which Andromeda had been exposed.
  • At Joppa, for example, the Jewish settlers - two hundred in all - " were invited to go into boats provided in accordance with the common decree of the city."
  • The garrison of the Akra had been starved by a close blockade into submission, and beyond the boundaries of Judaea " he took Joppa for a haven and made himself master of Gazara and Bethsura."
  • Further, as confederates of the senate and people of Rome, the Jews had received accession of territory, including the port of Joppa and, with other material privileges, the right of observing their religious customs not only in Palestine but also in Alexandria and elsewhere.
  • Joppa, which adjoins it, has salt works, but is chiefly a residential neighbourhood.