Sentence Examples

  • JG: In the early history of Australian winemaking, and until about 15 years ago, many Australian winemakers would model their winemaking techniques from the classic European (mainly French) techniques.
  • Jen Groover (JG): I would have to say that three of the categories (not including student…although technically we are lifelong students) mentioned describe me in the different layers of who I am.
  • I'm not sure where you fall on this scale, JG, but it wouldn't hurt to take an honest look at the food coming into your home, how it is being prepared, and how much is being consumed.
  • JG: I am unable to single out particular wine brands, however I would urge all avid wine lovers to seek a wine adventure and discovery with Australian wines.
  • JG: We offer Hybrid Butler Bags which is a style that most busy business women, moms, and people who live in the city would use.