Sentence Examples

  • Besides the works already noticed, he wrote De arte critica (1597); De Antichristo (1605); Pro auctoritate ecclesiae in decidendis fidei controversiis libellus; Scaliger hypololymaeus (1607), a virulent attack on Scaliger; and latterly the anti-jesuitical works, Flagellum Jesuiticum (1632); Mysteria patrum jesuitorum (1633); and Arcana societatis Jesu (1635).
  • In fact, the terms jesuitical and ultramontane may, in numerous cases, be regarded as equivalent.
  • The growth of the Jesuitical influence at Rome - more especially after the return of Pius IX.
  • A florid Jesuitical style of oratory became very popular in the time of Sigismund III., not without rhetorical power, but frequently becoming tawdry.
  • Richelieu having deprived the Protestants of all political guarantees for their liberty of conscience, an anti-Protestant party (directed by a cabal of religious devotees, the Corn pagni~ du Saint Sacrement) determined to suppress it completely by conversions and by a jesuitical interpretation of the L~is terms of the edict of Nantes.