Sentence Examples

  • Heitmuller, Im Namen Jesu (1903).
  • After Luther's death the more rigid Lutherans declared it to be their duty to preserve the status religionis in Germania per Lutherum instauratus, and to watch over the depositum Jesu Christi which he had committed to their charge.
  • Strauss, the author of the Leben Jesu, and Bruno Bauer, who like Feuerbach himself had passed over from Hegelianism to a form of naturalism.
  • 2 The existence of the Mandaeans has been known since the middle 'of the 17th century, when the first Christian missionaries, Ignatius a Jesu and Angelus a Sancto, began to labour among them at Basra; further information was gathered at a somewhat later date by Pietro della Valle' and Jean de Thevenot 5 (1633-1667), and in the following century by Engelbrecht Kaempfer (1651-1716), Jean Chardin (1643-1713) and Carsten Niebuhr.
  • Besides this great work he published in 1832 his Geschichte der Pflanzung and Leitung der christlichen Kirche, and in 1837 his Das Leben Jesu Christi, in seinem geschichtlichen Zusammenhang and seiner geschichtlichen Entwickelung, called forth by the famous Life of David Strauss.