Sentence Examples

  • These ruins, for which the name Kizil minare or Chihil menare (" the forty columns or minarets "), can be traced back to the 13th century, are now known as Takhti Jamshid (" the throne of Jamshid ").
  • The two completed graves behind Takhti Jamshid would then belong to Artaxerxes II.
  • This is not true of the graves behind Takhti Jamshid, to which, as F.
  • The ruins at Takhti Jamshid are alluded to as the work of Humai, in connexion with an event which occurred shortly after A.D.
  • Another small group of ruins in the same style is found at the village of Hajjiabad, on the Pulwar, a good hour's walk above Takhti Jamshid.