Sentence Examples

  • The rice will get heated in the pot with the jambalaya anyway so why drive yourself nuts?
  • A sauté pan, on the other hand, has higher edges than a frying pan, so it comes in handy for cooking meats on the stove, and for creating thick dishes such as stews, paella and jambalaya.
  • Jambalaya might look difficult to make and it definitely tastes like you spent all day working on it, but if you can brown chicken you can make a great tasting dinner.
  • Springtime on the Bayou--Includes cruising in the heart of Cajun country in Louisiana and sampling popular local dishes such as gumbo, crawfish pie, and jambalaya.
  • Beyond preparing rice, these types of small appliances can serve other purposes in the kitchen such as steaming raw vegetables and cooking dishes like jambalaya.