Jahbulon Definition


(freemasonry) A symbolic or ceremonial name for God associated by some writers with certain Masonic rites or passwords.


Origin of Jahbulon

  • Third, it is explained as being a combination of Hebrew יָהּ (Yah) ‘Yahweh’ + בּעל (bul) ‘Baal’, + אוֹן (’On) ‘On’ (a city of Egypt, explained as a reference to Osiris, perhaps as a misunderstanding of Genesis 46:20).

    From Wiktionary

  • First, that it is a compound of יָהּ (Yah) ‘Yahweh’ + בּעל (bul) ‘on high, in heaven’ + אוֹן (’on) ‘strength’. Reference: The Rev’d Canon Richard Tydeman, An Address to Grand Chapter (of England), 13th November 1985.

    From Wiktionary

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