Sentence Examples

  • Veitch, Method, Meditations and Selections from the Principles (1850-1853; I Ith ed., 1897; New York, 1899); by H.
  • The practice of pharmacy was extended by the Arabian physicians, and the separation of it from medicine was recognized in the 8th, and legalized in the i ith century.
  • On the expiration of the armistice at midnight of August ioth-i ith Austria declared war.
  • As early at least as the ith century the art of extracting a blue pigment from lapis lazuli was practised, and from the beginning of the 16th century this pigment began to be imported into Europe from "over the sea," as azurrum ultramarinum.
  • - Map illustrating Sallust's Bellum jugurthinurn (1 ith century, Leipzig).