Sentence Examples

  • The cheat codes that are available in this iteration in the series are very similar in nature to Sims cheat codes that you may have found for earlier versions of the popular PC simulation game.
  • For this iteration, players will have the opportunity to take their uniquely created superstars through a true story mode, complete with rivalries, relationships, and specialty matches.
  • But the flexibility of PHP files goes much further than this, and it is continually being developed, with big news in the works, like registered globals and magic quotes being done away with in the next iteration of the operating system.
  • The new iteration promises more high-speed, big-air asphalt excitement on larger tracks with dazzling views of New York, Tokyo, and more, driving the dreamiest horses from Ferrari, Dodge, and Lamborghini.
  • Sony PlayStation 3 - Easily the most powerful of the three, Sony's most recent iteration of the PlayStation is catering to the most hardcore of gamers and media junkies.