Sentence Examples

  • Fears about the H1N1 virus have inspired organizations such as the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to issue guidelines and directives for swine flu cleaning procedures.
  • The HAsHiYA (Abud's Asha), with two great subdivisions: Daroda, with the powerful Mijertins, War-Sangeli, Dolbohanti and others; and Ishak, including the Gadibursi, Issa (Aissa), HabrWal, Habr-Tol, Habr-Yuni, Babibli, Bertiri.
  • He helped the Parians in their settlements of Issa and Pharos; he took into his pay Illyrian warriors with Greek arms, and helped the Molossian Alcetas to win back part of his kingdom.
  • Again, proceeding down the banks of the Ganges, he diverged eastward to Kamarupa (Assam), and then passed by the great ports of Tamralipti (Tamluk, the mis placed Tamalitis of Ptolemy), and through Or.issa to Kanchipara (Conjeeveram), about 640.
  • In April 1908 Abd-el-Kader, a Halowin Arab and ex-dervish, rebelled in the Blue Nile province, claiming to be the prophet Issa (Jesus).

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