Sentence Examples

  • Whatever the pattern adopted for the roof, a sufficient portion of it must be glazed to admit light, and it should be so designed that the ironwork can be easily inspected and painted and the glass readily cleaned.
  • One must not forget that there was a brisk native manufacture of carpets, pottery, ironwork, gold-work and soap; or that the Syrians of the towns had a definite legal position.
  • The west door has good early ironwork; and on one of the tower-arch pillars are some remarkable early carvings of jocular character, one of which represents a man assaulted by a woman with a ladle.
  • Then the bolts sheared or the ironwork broke in a new place.
  • The total weight of ironwork was 3200 tons and the cost X124,000 (Annales des travaux publiques, 1884).