Sentence Examples

  • Baker mansion was built in 1849 by Elias Baker who was a well-known Ironmaster.
  • Mellon, a wealthy banker and ironmaster of Pittsburgh, as Secretary of the Treasury, was welcomed by men of business; and though that of Will H.
  • He had married Miss Helen Melland in 1877, and was left with a family when she died in 1891; in 1894, however, he had married again, his second wife being the accomplished Miss Margaret ("Margot") Tennant, daughter of the wealthy ironmaster, Sir Charles Tennant, Bart., a lady well known in London society as a member of the coterie known as "Souls," and commonly identified as the original of Mr E.
  • Experiments he made with South Wales iron were failures because the product was devoid of malleability; Mr GOransson, a Swedish ironmaster, using the purer charcoal pig iron of that country, was the first to make good steel by the process, and even he was successful only after many attempts.
  • At the township of Masborough, opposite Rotherham across the Don, works were established in 1746 by Samuel Walker, a successful ironmaster.