Sentence Examples

  • On the summit La Salle built store-houses and log huts, which he surrounded by intrenchments and a log palisade.
  • San Antonio was easily taken about noon of the same day, and in the afternoon the main division of the Mexican army was driven from the stone church and intrenchments at Churubusco.
  • Mulligan (1830-1864) throwing up intrenchments on Masonic College Hill, an eminence adjoining Lexington on the N.E.
  • The mounts, forts and intrenchments are very numerous.
  • The camp was almost unapproachable from the west by reason of the precipitous hillsides and Valley Creek, a small stream flowing northward at their base into the Schuylkill river which afforded a barrier on the north; on the east a series of intrenchments and rifle-pits were built.

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