Sentence Examples

  • The interiors are cut up into numerous small rooms by transverse partitions, while numerous beamholes and dumb-sheaves indicate other divisions.
  • The interiors have been modified past recognition of their original disposition.
  • In England buildings of Norman Shaw and Ernest George demanded quiet and harmonious metalwork; and the custom of these architects of superintending and designing every detail, even for interiors, created the supply.
  • For nearly its full extent, excepting the immediate water-front, and running westward to Van Ness Avenue, a distance of 2 m., the buildings lining it on both sides and covering the adjoining area, a total of some 2000 acres, or 514 blocks, equivalent to s of the city plan, were reduced to ruins in the fire following the earthquake; only a few large buildings of so-called " fire-proof " construction remained standing on the street, and these had their interiors completely " gutted."
  • In the United States the danger of the stoves that used to be employed for heating the interiors of the cars has been realized, and now the most common method is by steam taken from the locomotive boiler and circulated through the train in a line of piping, rendered continuous between the cars by flexible coupling-hose.