Sentence Examples

  • She interceded with great generosity, but ineffectually, for Monmouth the same year.
  • He interceded for her in vain with the king, as he had done in the cases of Fisher, More and the monks of Christchurch.
  • On the 6th of December he protested with three other peers against the measure sent up from the Commons enforcing the disarming of all convicted recusants and taking bail from them to keep the peace; he was the only peer to dissent from the motion declaring the existence of an Irish plot; and though believing in the guilt and voting for the death of Lord Stafford, he interceded, according to his own account, 3 with the king for him as well as for Langhorne and Plunket.
  • He interceded for Waltheof's life and to the last spoke of the earl as an innocent sufferer for the crimes of others; he lived on terms of friendship with Bishop Wulfstan.
  • The priest also offered prayer, interceded, &c. I cannot see that he taught.