Sentence Examples

  • 1, A) are of the usual insectan type, but in many families one, two, or even three of the five foot-segments may be reduced or absent.
  • The nervous system is remarkably concentrated in some beetles, the abdominal ganglia showing a tendency to become shifted forward and crowded together, and in certain chafers all the thoracic and abdominal ganglia are fused into a single nervecentre situated in the thorax, - a degree of specialization only matched in the insectan class among the Hemiptera and some muscid flies.
  • The number of limb-bearing somites in the insectan head is thus seen to be seven.
  • The legs of Hymenoptera are of the typical insectan form, and the foot is usually composed of five segments.
  • The number of tarsal segments is reduced; often three, two or only one may be present instead of the typical insectan number five.