Sentence Examples

  • But after a time he became enamoured of Ino, the daughter of Cadmus, and neglected Nephele, who disappeared in anger.
  • Ino, who hated the children of Nephele, persuaded Athamas, 1 Sir James Dewar, Compt.
  • The acropolis of Geronthrae, a hero-shrine at Angelona in the south-eastern highlands, and the sanctuary of Ino-Pasiphae at Thalamae have also been investigated.
  • Above sea-level on the right bank of the Ve]ino (a torrent subtributary to the Tiber), which at this point issues from the limestone plateau; the old town occupies the declivity and the new town spreads out on the level.
  • Under hellenizing influences, she became a goddess of sea and harbours, the Ino-Leucothea of the Greeks.