Sentence Examples

  • Innovating will become table stakes just to stay in business, and innovation will be used to lower prices, not to increase them.
  • He has been said to be a French Cowper, and the parallel holds good in respect of versification and of his relative position to the more daringly innovating school that followed, though not in respect of individual peculiarities.
  • From 1715 to 1723 came the reaction of the Regency, with its Character marvellous effrontery, innovating spirit and frivolous of the immorality.
  • The six years he remained at Leiden (1J76-1582) were years of active and innovating thought in Holland.
  • The progress of Catholicism was undeniable, but yet Wiseman found himself steadily opposed by a minority among his own clergy, who disliked his Ultramontane ideas, his Romanizing and innovating zeal," especially in regard to the introduction of sacred images into the churches and the use of devotions to the Blessed Virgin and the Blessed Sacrament, hitherto unknown among English Catholics.