Sentence Examples

  • A more directly religious element, it is true, was introduced by the practice of attending the synagogue service; but it is to be The grammatical inflexions of the word "Sabbath" would show that it is a feminine form, properly shabbat-t for shabbat-t.
  • It is divided into eighteen books, of which the first sixteen deal mainly with sounds, word-formation and inflexions; the last two, which form from a fourth to a third of the whole work, deal with syntax.
  • The verbs usually have no inflexions to express relations of voice, mood, tense, number of person - such distinctions being indicated by particles.
  • Has so few inflexions, but this is made up for by the subtle development of the syntax.
  • The whole work was divided into three main sections, the first dealing with the origin of Latin words, the second with their inflexions and other modifications, the third with syntax.

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