Sentence Examples

  • Gas has the disadvantage that in case of a collision its inflammability may assist ally fire that may be started.
  • Since the inception of the petroleum industry, most civilized countries have prescribed by law a test of flash-point or inflammability, designed in most cases primarily to afford a definition of oils for lighting purposes which may be safely stored without the adoption of special precautions.
  • The inflammability of coal dust varies with different coals, but none can be said to be entirely free from risk.
  • While the wooden buildings were little damaged by the shocks, the comparative non-inflammability of redwood proved no safeguard and fire swept the affected area irresistibly.
  • Phys., 1835 [2], 60, p. 174) showed that the inflammability of Gengembre's phosphine was due to small quantities of liquid phosphoretted hydrogen, P 2 H 4.