Sentence Examples

  • Girls under the age of 10 or 11, if a parent is lucky, have not necessarily been indoctrinated into the world of fashion to the extent that they are overly choosy.
  • Here she met two men, one of whom indoctrinated her with religious mysticism,- the other with advanced socialism, Lamennais and Pierre Leroux.
  • The Venetians - already, perhaps, indoctrinated in the Hohenstaufen plan - indicated to the leaders a way of meeting the difficulty: they had only to lend their services to the republic for certain ends which it desired to compass, and the debt was settled.
  • It indoctrinated the church with all its mysticism, its mystic exercises and even its magical cultus as taught by Iamblichus.
  • Let them go on (as they will) till all the ryots are thoroughly indoctrinated into the new system."