Sentence Examples

  • While you could walk into any given tattoo parlor and simply pick a piece of free tattoo flash off the walls, if you truly want to individualize your expression, you may want to customize it.
  • These unique occasions call for unique apparel; or, perhaps, you may want to individualize your child more and avoid copies that occur when parents shop at the same stores.
  • By mixing and creating her own products, she was able to individualize her makeup routine to match her unique colors and skin tones.Through this discovery, she started to see the need for cosmetics geared toward more global women.
  • However, success can be achieved with creative and flexible teaching techniques that take advantage of the strengths, interests, and learning style of each child to individualize the learning process.
  • Even better is the fact that some of the robes offer interesting details like that of lace trim, or flowery embroidery, both of which help to further personalize and individualize the different look.