Indian Summer Definition

A period of mild, warm, hazy weather following the first frosts of late autumn.
Webster's New World
The final period, as of a person's life, regarded as tranquil, serene, etc.
Webster's New World
  • Saint Martin's summer

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Indian summer

Origin of Indian Summer

  • A wide variety of etymologies have been proposed, none convincingly. Most plausible suggest Native Americans called it a form of “summer”, due to harvesting late plants or preparing for winter, or European settlers coined it due to various Native American activity in this season, or due to the weather phenomenon being associated with regions inhabited by Native Americans. No evidence of connection with Indian giver (some folk etymologies suggest that the term is due to the warm weather being given but then taken away).

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  • Unknown US, attested 1778. Spread and popularized early 19th century. Used figuratively from 1830s. By 20th century globally replaced earlier St. Luke's summer, St. Martin's summer, and All-Hallown summer.

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Indian summer