Sentence Examples

  • (6) Rare cases of personal or special tithes, offerings or pensions claimed by incumbents of benefices.
  • Bishops and beneficed incumbents (cures) must be regularly tried; and where the Church is established the canonical courts are recognized.
  • The system of pluralities carried with it, as a necessary consequence, systematic non-residence on the part of many incumbents, and delegation of their spiritual duties in respect of their cures of souls to assistant curates.
  • Benefices may be exchanged by agreement between incumbents with the consent of the ordinary, and they may, with the consent of the patron and ordinary, be united or dissolved after being united.
  • The governor and the lieutenant-governor was elected for a term of two years, and the qualifications for both offices require that the incumbents shall be at least thirty years of age and shall have been for two years immediately before their election residents of the state.