Sentence Examples

  • However, my big current focus is a solo original fantasy trilogy, Terra Incognita, all about sailing ships, sea monsters, and the crusades.
  • - Tibet was long a terra incognita to Europeans.
  • Various names are given to various parts of the land - thus the north-western part is called Cockburn Land, farther east is North Galloway; on the extreme eastern peninsula are Cumberland and Penny Lands, while the southern is called Meta Incognita; in the west is Fox Land.
  • Long., an extent of half a million square miles, still remained a blank in the map. But the two expeditions of 1873, conducted by William Christie Gosse (1842-1881), afterwards deputy surveyorgeneral for South Australia, and Colonel (then Major) Egerton Warburton, made a beginning in the exploration of this terra incognita west of the central telegraph route.
  • Murphy, Terra incognita (1873); and F.