Sentence Examples

  • In the following year the Incas made a brave attempt to expel the invaders, and closely besieged the Spaniards in Cuzco during February and March.
  • Garcia, Le Peron contemporain (Paris, 1907); Garcilasso de la Vega, Royal commentaries of the Incas, 5609 (Hakluyt Society's Publications); A.
  • The Incas had made much progress in weaving, and specimens of their fabrics, both plain and coloured, are to be found in many museums. The Spanish introduced their own methods, and their primitive looms are still to be found among the Indians of the interior who weave the coarse material from which their own garments are made.
  • It is probable, however, that the settlement of the Cuzco valley and district by the Incas or " people of the sun " took place some 300 years before Pizarro landed in Peru.
  • The Incas had an elaborate system of state-worship, with a ritual, and frequently recurring festivals.