Sentence Examples

  • Pre-Inca culture.
  • Its principal river is the Rapel, sometimes considered as the southern limit of the Inca empire.
  • Fearing that the little court of the Inca Tupac Amaru -(who had succeeded his brother Sayri Tupac) might become a focus of rebellion, he seized the young prince, and unjustly beheaded the last of the Incas in the square of Cuzco in the year 1571.
  • In circumference, is celebrated for the tradition that Huayna-Capac, one of the great conquerors of the Inca dynasty, defeated an army of rebellious Carranquis on its shores, and threw so many of their bleeding corpses into it as to turn its waters to the colour of blood.
  • The world has nothing to show, in the way of stone-cutting and fitting, to equal the skill and accuracy displayed in the Inca structures of Cuzco.