Sentence Examples

  • Further, owing to the carelessness of the Prussian negotiator, Napoleon was able to require the exaction of impossibly large sums from that exhausted land, and therefore to keep his troops in her chief fortresses.
  • Hence impossibly deep curvatures would be required for such a triple objective of any normal focal length.
  • Dean, absent any tools for pulling himself upward was limited to using the rope, hand over hand, impossibly slow compared to the man now pursuing him.
  • The corrupt text in Chronicles of 3000 baths would need a still longer cubit; and, if a lesser cubit of 21.6 or 18 in, be taken, the result for the size of the bath would be impossibly small.
  • The weak chlorine from the Deacon process cannot be treated in this manner, as chambers of impossibly large dimensions would be required.