Sentence Examples

  • Some Manchester dealers imported themselves, and some spinners bought direct from Liverpool importers, but the rule was the arrangement first described.
  • Early in the 19th century it became customary for Manchester dealers and Liverpool importers to carry on business with one another through representatives known as " buying " and " selling " brokers.
  • At the same time of " futures " were becoming an increasing necessity to Origin Liverpool importers, because through " futures " alone could they cotton hedge on their purchases of cotton, or buy when the Associa- market seemed favourable, and they were not prepared tion .
  • Now from the clearing house importers were rigorously excluded, and on invoking the aid of " futures," therefore, they were penalized to the extent of double broker's commission, one commission being charged on the sale of the " futures " and one on their purchase back.
  • The importers, therefore, found it necessary to establish a club of their own, the Liverpool Cotton Exchange, which they as rigorously guarded against brokers.