Sentence Examples

  • Conversely, although full sun throughout the yard sounds like paradise, other gardeners may want to add raised beds in shady areas to grow ferns, astilbe, impatiens and other flowers that love shade.
  • Typically, peonies, iris, hollyhocks, pinks and foxglove are used in a cottage garden, alongside old favorites such as geraniums, petunias, marigolds, impatiens and begonias.
  • The leaves of jewelweed (Impatiens spp.), which often grows near poison ivy, may neutralize the poison-ivy allergen if rubbed on the skin right after contact.
  • Other new flowers include hybrid Echinacea, sweet peas, a lime colored petunia, more sunflowers, and impatiens to grow from seed.
  • The sap of the jewelweed plant (Impatiens capensis) is thought to be helpful in binding to and removing urushiol from skin.