Sentence Examples

  • Both classes readily exchange the imide hydrogen for acid radicals, and give nitrosamines with nitrous acid.
  • NH 2, which may be considered as derived from the acid-amides by replacement of oxygen by the divalent imino (= NH) group. They may be prepared by the action of ammonia or amines on imide chorides, or on thiamides (0.
  • It is oxidized to pyridine by heating with concentrated sulphuric acid to 300° C., or with nitrobenzene to 250° C., or with silver acetate to 180° C. Being an imide it readily yields a nitroso derivative, and N-alkyl and acidyl derivatives.
  • Somewhat later, they found that it could be prepared from diazobenzene imide, provided a nitro group were present in the ortho or para position to the diazo group. The para-nitro compound is dropped slowly into a cold solution of one part of caustic potash in ten parts of absolute alcohol; the solution becomes dark red in colour and is then warmed for two days on the water bath.
  • Orthonitro-diazobenzene imide only yields 30%.