Sentence Examples

  • Clips from the first three seasons are available directly through IMDB, but once you reach Seasons Four or Five, you should go to the main site (above) to watch fill episodes.
  • IMDB: Along with much more information than you'd ever want to know, IMDB also has a brief storyline, a plot summary, and sometimes a plot synopsis as well.
  • Internet Movie Database - The IMDB contains information on past, current and future roles for Lautner, as well as quotes, news links, and a brief bio.
  • Viewing the full episodes of the earlier season might be a challenge: you might be resigned to watch clips from season one or two, like on IMDB.
  • According to the IMDB, Blalock was a huge fan of the original Star Trek while growing up, and her favorite character was Spock (Leonard Nimoy).