Sentence Examples

  • In the Russian Orthodox Church the term "ambo" is used of the semicircular steps leading to the platform in front of the iconostasis, but in cathedrals the bishop has an ambo in the centre of the church.
  • In the Uniate Greek Catholic Church the "ambo" has become a table, on which are placed a crucifix and lights, before the doors of the iconostasis; here baptisms, marriages and confirmations take place.
  • In the East the cancelli, under the influence possibly of the ritual of the Jewish temple, developed into the iconostasis, the screen of holy pictures, behind the closed doors of which the supreme act of the eucharistic mystery is hidden from the lay people.
  • ICONOSTASIS, the screen in a Greek church which divides the altar and sanctuary from the rest of the church.
  • The iconostasis or imagebearer has generally three doors, one on each side of the central door, beyond which is the principal altar.

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