Sentence Examples

  • There are several gameplay modes available: Classic, Cube, Ricochet, Whirl, Bungee, Tilt-O-Vision, Motion Blur, Breathing, Warped, Distortion, Starfield, Hyperspace, V-Hold, Multi-Screen, Disco and Cloud Cover.
  • Modern sci-fi just throws out the speed of light as a limiting factor, plugs in a term like 'hyperspace' or 'warpspeed', and the need for Generation Ships is overtaken by events.
  • The first time the stars radially streaked in the viewport to indicate that the Millenium Falcon had successfully entered hyperspace, audiences gasped and then cheered.
  • As the Rebel Alliance's ships burst out of hyperspace, they are attacked by Imperial fighters.
  • Shoot from all directions and even go into hyperspace to get away from sticky situations.